My take on the new green… an inviting space

Green business is hot, it’s the hottest concept in new world marketing. Green business ideas interject cooperative efficiency into the structure of a business.

There’s a new market in green… co-working. 

Co-working is the new trend in business relationship, and is communal green in business. Co-working, in its most capable business-level incarnation, is upside to the original plan. 

It’s easy. It’s flexible. It’s less expensive, while giving equal parts professional formality and cordial enthusiasm in correct doses. It’s a hang-out without hang-ups, if it’s working… and with any luck, the business synergy will deliver a healthy shot in the arm for enlivening potential consideration for spontaneous growth. 

Co-working is like keeping your fingers in the competitive mix, without having to budget for dedicated space. It’s for people who like to come together without having to congregate, as a coffeehouse or wifi-enabled hot spot provides.

It can be a place to go, a place to meet, a place to gather and create, a place to sell services… it serves up hot coffee, free. Co-working accommodates the change of scenery, like keeping a pulse on the neighborhood by scouting out your corner, and not having to wait for another ‘frequently transient’ consumer to vacate, like you might at the local coffeehouse.

It gives professionals a professional community by the perimeter created within four walls. It’s an integration of local through global market betterment. Green is ingrained in its structure. This green establishes niche-specialities of ‘perfect’ compartmental business-level ideology…. design to suit your own needs, and customize your own use. It’s the do-it-urself option in flexible professional services. The DIY in PTO (paid time off!) if you love what you’re doing, and what entrepreneur doesn’t?

Co-working is an, as yet, untapped goldmine of opportunity for commercial real estate investors. Networks will not be accommodating in understanding community market capacity, though, so tread carefully to avoid investment pitfalls. 

Co-working is friendly, yet over-networked investor finance-oriented stressers still exist, so tread mindfully with greater awareness than the alternative would. Green trends are healthy growth, green isn’t green if it’s simply spoiled and rotten (gone green). Trying not to trend, the attempt should be in adaptable marketplace strategies. Work with people who work, not people who want. 

Co-working is beneficial for the select, non-exclusive, agreement… interested participants should have one.