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My take on the new green… an inviting space

Green business is hot, it’s the hottest concept in new world marketing. Green business ideas interject cooperative efficiency into the structure of a business.

There’s a new market in green… co-working. 

Co-working is the new trend in business relationship, and is communal green in business. Co-working, in its most capable business-level incarnation, is upside to the original plan. 

It’s easy. It’s flexible. It’s less expensive, while giving equal parts professional formality and cordial enthusiasm in correct doses. It’s a hang-out without hang-ups, if it’s working… and with any luck, the business synergy will deliver a healthy shot in the arm for enlivening potential consideration for spontaneous growth. 

Co-working is like keeping your fingers in the competitive mix, without having to budget for dedicated space. It’s for people who like to come together without having to congregate, as a coffeehouse or wifi-enabled hot spot provides.

It can be a place to go, a place to meet, a place to gather and create, a place to sell services… it serves up hot coffee, free. Co-working accommodates the change of scenery, like keeping a pulse on the neighborhood by scouting out your corner, and not having to wait for another ‘frequently transient’ consumer to vacate, like you might at the local coffeehouse.

It gives professionals a professional community by the perimeter created within four walls. It’s an integration of local through global market betterment. Green is ingrained in its structure. This green establishes niche-specialities of ‘perfect’ compartmental business-level ideology…. design to suit your own needs, and customize your own use. It’s the do-it-urself option in flexible professional services. The DIY in PTO (paid time off!) if you love what you’re doing, and what entrepreneur doesn’t?

Co-working is an, as yet, untapped goldmine of opportunity for commercial real estate investors. Networks will not be accommodating in understanding community market capacity, though, so tread carefully to avoid investment pitfalls. 

Co-working is friendly, yet over-networked investor finance-oriented stressers still exist, so tread mindfully with greater awareness than the alternative would. Green trends are healthy growth, green isn’t green if it’s simply spoiled and rotten (gone green). Trying not to trend, the attempt should be in adaptable marketplace strategies. Work with people who work, not people who want. 

Co-working is beneficial for the select, non-exclusive, agreement… interested participants should have one.

Living passive wellness in a state of arrested development

acknowledgement, not recognition

Trying to maintain free, independent work habits with clear ability and a clear conscience is not profitable. At least not in any way that gives professional credibility in order to build a platform for success.

I do consider myself a success, however.

What is success after all, if not something we find ourselves inclined toward… not simply given by proximity to greatness or popularity, but something decided upon. Something we are, not something we want.

I wish for acknowledgement. Not much, just a few kind observations, a friendly reminder that I’m noticed.

The open door of encouragement, in other words.

I write every day. I publish every day. I try to instigate motivation for good business sense and practicality. I work, whether I am paid or not.

The reality being, I’m not paid, I’m not noticed, I’m ignored and overlooked.

I want to build relationships that prosper, and not just to be recognized as the reason for the achievement, but to watch it happen. To witness greatness, in my estimation, is to witness God’s wishes.

I believe in the advantage. Everything has one, and to know ability is to distinguish advantage. Marketing is promoting the advantage… when advantage is noticed, the market is there.

Selling, on the otherhand, is nothing more than a cheap trick played upon the unwitting and dim-witted. It’s playing to the sphere of influence instead of the influential few. It’s easy to trick people into thinking they will benefit through a purchase, or an investment… what needs to happen for health across markets and in the homes of the consumer-base is for the recognition of need as being what is necessary, and acknowledgement that desire is the norm.

Passive wellness seems to be the fall-back position, and where I see the majority. Passive integrity, should that be nearby… passive health, if that’s what is instilled, rather than invested… passive wellness, if it’s handed out.

Complacency doesn’t provide, it gives up and gives in, and de-evolves. It declines, instead of registers with a market or a brand. Complacency has no business in business, yet complacency is the norm.

I hope to be allowed soon. I hope my opinion will find restful acknowledgement and purpose… everyone should be allowed and invited.

I am a professional perfectionist. I am a responsible affiliate. I tweet successful ambition. I drive hard… and I sleep well.

Here’s hoping I’m not the only one.

What if …

What if there was a solution for banks in which each had an organization or method approach to customization of accounts per customer, so that each customer had one card for all their needs whether it be debit, credit, even access to a larger loan community for large purchases if their creditworthiness was enabled? 

And, what if ‘enabled’ meant that the banking community had a hierarchy associated with stability, literacy (computer, speech, written word, all segregated and understood by the industry, and each particular bank, separately, in order to maintain privacy, etc.). Identifying this as the literate delineated customer (or business) signature, allowing the customer (or business) to gain ‘points’ which then would delegate authority-based purchase transfer (property interchange similar to 1031 exchange in real estate), so that government taxation is a benefit to the business structure and to government programs via banking, etc.

These points and authority levels would be similar to Technorati, only not defined as ranks, but levels, & such authority then would allow for manipulation of business-level, profession-based trade.

This could be dictated through every level of customer interest, and allow for safety and security, and for “social work” to be actual work for lower income levels, leading everyone to a personally defined lifestyle choice.

I believe one would naturally gravitate to a serviceable comfort level, and respectable knowledge base, whilst maintaining lifestyle according to need, and growth is a given.

In other words, actual dollars don’t exchange hands (true green, or going green in banking would = no green in currency).

Dollars would still be in active play, but as a true social whim… making them fun, not mandatory. Currency could be your bonus programs, your little extra, your allowance, whatever a lifestyle choice decides, but all life necessities are guaranteed at the level of a person’s or family’s or business’ ability, practicality, understanding, etc., through the working system according to work ethic, according to work philosophy, according to responsible behavior, according to intelligence, according to health, and according to need.

That’s what I was thinking.

Valentine’s Day remembered

Source: via lisa on Pinterest

Valentine’s Day, it’s not a holy day, not an especially eventful day. In fact, mostly, what Valentine’s Day says is that we should fill our lives with colorful images and share what intensity our lives through color embraces… poetic? This is a day for nostalgia.

The day is for vivid expression… of mindfulness for those not forgotten. It’s the day to welcome new life, and to announce that spring is so close its color can’t be contained. It’s a spectacle for the perfunctory symbolic gesture.

Symbols of this day’s expressive intentions are eloquent fervor… bold, blatant, and trumpeted. Nothing about this day is subdued.

It’s a day to fill our lives with sweet success, and present the object’s desire. We remember since we couldn’t possibly forget!

This present, this time, is to be yours…

"Be mine."

It’s the gift of yourself in this moment, and to reminiscence what has always been. Not enduring for the day is not done. I’m accustomed, and I will remember you always.

My loves are my kids… my dog, my work, and,

God is my life.

May this day’s passion be admirable… my epiphany, “St. Valentine was a martyr.”

God is love.

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Valentine’s Day seduces interest

Have a love affair with quality of purpose

Define ur terms food 4 thought a Valentine’s Day word search

It’s been suggested that social media as a customer acquisition tool is just as
important as offline marketing activities when it comes to launching products.

Social media in corporate networking is only a customer acquisition tool in my

This second idea refers to importance of effort, and offers no relevance in terms
of relationship of activities, online vs. offline. 

Online and offline can be separated and described as a cursory link to one another, and then more definitively to the “launching of” new product or idea.

To then connect the ideas of online effort with social media effort in the attraction of attention leading to customer approval, and thus to loyalty, separate offline and online marketing descriptions apply a better organized disposition of managed resources. Loyalty is then seized through cooperative channels of engagement.

Legal shelter usually requires corporate abandon.

Corporate legal shelter is judicial, not inherent in the corporate schema.

The legal presumption, since corporate shelters require adherence, is for corporate law to protect corporate assets. Legal presumption of risk is assumed by the corporate shelter, and placed with the consumer through the application of implied acquisition.

The asterisk assumes responsibility, then requires the system to place the burden of harm or guilt.

The asterisk is a defined presumption of possibility according to guilt. The risk, as implied, or applied, according to disinterest is the message. It claims to decry valuable service, through implied, if not applied, worthlessness.

The asterisk is the conundrum of the journalists’ toolbox.

Here, a case in point. The implications of usage of the asterisk according to legal prescription which leads to usage across technical and analytical writings. 

The following definition of terms according to letter formula, is rudimentary … but, an exact formula, nonetheless.

An asterisk, appears as a whisper, and is used as the silent or unspoken warning to the reader in any work in which it appears. It is visual permanence, by value and by time, and decides a corresponding value according to defiance. One may or may not defy relevance, however, an asterisk’s value is realized upon adherence to the document upon, or writing in which it appears, regardless of relevance, and regardless of behavior of legal inference or simply through definition of the terms of such asterisk. So, this being the foundation of all legal presumption, the asterisk-implied, if not applied, is sought as all legal remedy.

It is my assertion that an asterisk, is legal impudence.  All legal recourse presumes the adherence of the asterisk, whether it exists on paper, or in reality, or whether it is in fact, realized through some legal awareness by the civilian, or legally illiterate citizen, or not. 

It is also my assertion that, now, since the asterisk is in common usage, and since all possibility for deviance of contract or eligibility quality cannot be ascertained and belied, such asterisk, any asterisk, implied or applied, is void. (This being qualified and defined here, since all legal proceedings are registered and brought to jurisdiction according to case study, applied, and all case study may be reviewed according to all relevance… so, any loophole is easily surrendered or won through a basic understanding of relevance.)

Also, the asterisk, according to consumerism is negate, since “caveat emptor” is discord. It cannot be applied according to our judicial system, technically, and is easily manipulated through a basic understanding of American History, and legal case study. 

Star Qualities reduced to succession (***) … these may be distinguished, as by quote or by recitation of authority. This being the asterisk in use as ‘cite’.

Caveat Emptor: This is the asterisk used as qualification of a risk, or many instances of a dangerous presumption of guilt (in multiplicitous usage). “Buyer beware” is the philosophy, except that social responsibility requires corporate adherence to consumer market suitability.

"What happens if" in the response to "possibility of" is the asterisk in use as attent toward a notion, such as terms and conditions, etc.

Terms and conditions, in my opinion, should be presumed a lure, by default. This activity assumes no risk, and provokes suspended interest. Its claim is that “we hope you’ll buy, and we respect your guarded vigilance in defining the worth of this offer. Also, we are not financially equipped to assume all risk.” With the prescribed over-use of the asterisk, implied, and applied, terms and conditions of use is, defined herein, an expression of the philosophy of “buyer beware” which doesn’t technically exist, according to implied usage of the asterisk across the American Judicial System.

The good news, I believe, is that a true marketer toward a loyalty perspective, is at least providing a red flag of concern. Terms and conditions require the customer or consumer to acknowledge acceptance of the philosophy of wary concern, since not all consumer habits have been accounted for and been customized per use.

A flawless remedy retained through social responsibility and PR, according to the avoidance of all legal action, is in the prescribed diligence it takes to understand your business concern, to apply your marketing, ONLY, to your market, and to decide culpability as a responsible behavior when and where applicable, to
resource and to behavior. 

We work and deal only with those having equivalent moral and ethical value, disallowing for confusion through legally bound contractual permanence. 

All business matters, then, should be protected and assured gainful economic gratification without the threat of concern, as can and should be delivered and legally adhered through the customized prescription of bound contractual definition.

This, through the constant, and ironclad correctness of APPLIED star quality.

An asterisk is implied behavior. If the risk is not applied, loyalty assumes no risk, and effort is value-decreed.

Conundrum to clarity, in one fell swoop.

Tebow-mania is a phenomenon

Like all mania, there is devotion. Mania describes relief.

Tebow-mania is a dedication to the good fight. It is resolute in its rejection of the brick wall of defeat. To have faith is to have strength.

Tebow-mania is the difference. It offers challenge with a reason to partake, when being involved might cause conflict.

What Tebow-mania does is to instigate fortitude. What people need is clarity in direction. They need to see purpose, and to know that having one, belies faith.

Faith is flagging in certain media-hyped campaigns. Campaigns which were initially created to prosper through disbelief… we are all shocked and transfixed by the dedication, the will, the undeniable prowess of an athlete. The unfortunate standard for achievement is degradation of character that coincides with success. Success is marketable… can a successful athlete give faith the concentrated attention of constant approval while the world looks on? Can professional athletic success be the objective, and faith be the dedication, when professional athleticism’s marketability typically prescribes adherence to societal negligence and degradation of character?

The world is mesmerized, and hopeful.

Tebow-mania is a phenomenon.

A phenomenon of viral perseverence through adversity.

Gathering estimation and the theory of a glass half-full

What follows is a scientific approach to thought continuity and relevance for understanding specificity of the theory.

First, there is continuity and continuum through mathematic principles, defined. 

This is a precursor to understanding a specific continuum of relevance beginning at the point of Gathering Estimation, a theory.

So, to think of a (one) continuum as being an object out in the space of your mind, but outside of yourself.  A horizontal line of thought as a focus.  You can see it at a distance and it is as opposed to a continuity of thought. 

Continuity being where you stand (with your physical presence as the main point) on a particular issue, then looking to other points of value along a line of thinking, as possibly credible, but differing opinion. 

A continuum being fact-based, along a particular ‘line’ of thinking, and has relevance all along the way toward a valid counterpoint or theoretical point of opposition, as stands in opposition to the point from which you start.

Continuum being a horizontal line of understanding. A Continuum of thought is outside of yourself, but within your system of values. It’s an equation of fact-based thought with beginning and end. 

Continuity being movement. A thought according to continuity, starts at perspective, your own, with trajectory from where you sit.

continua strategem 

These are theories of opposition and relevance of which have point v. point relationship.

a (one) continuum 

This is an equation of thought within the strategem which has complete point to point relevance, and then point v. point irrelevance all along the way, however, it does not rely upon rote theory or consecutive ordered placement as with consecutive numbers, for example.

to continue  

This is the process by which all matter makes progress, moves forward, tracks toward, and is directed. To continue, ‘exhibits’ trajectory, and may be continuous forever, or, alternatively, may veer, or be re-directed, and possibly mis-directed, by alternative thought or matter.

Continuous thought is applicable as a direction for one’s life or existence.

A continuum establishes foundation through valid equation using fact-based elements for proof as tactile evidence.

Time may work within your equation, however, time is not defined by absolute function. Although time could be a distinct possibility through variable.

So, this line of thinking according to continuum allows for a system to benefit all people, and for all people to work within the system. Fate, then, is dictated on a personal level.

continuum v. perspective … constancy v. conditioned … a constant v. continuity …


This writing which follows is a theory of relevance.

A continuum for review which has specific economic relevance and ramification toward American way of life and lifestyle stability.


Gathering Estimation v. Estimated Guess:  A Theory to oppose trend.

Gathering Estimation is to repair amounts based upon qualified attitudes and then adjustments according to a theory of ‘more or less’ (as mathematic certainty and absolute fact, not, an estimated ‘guess’).  So, this continuum of understanding, is on a ‘gathering estimation’ v. estimated guess, or, ‘guesstimation’ … plane.
A “plane” as defined within this scope of continua, is spectrum. It establishes point relevance and idea within a framework of direct association. Each point “touching” the next on a level surface of thought. 

So, that said,

Gathering Estimation is specific only to vertical-frame review, never straight-line calculation, and is supported by fact. In other words, not a number culture, instead number retention.

Gathering Estimation is visual feedback which is initially experiential (this formula for review is valid along the entire stretch of the continuum: “GE v. EG (gu)”).

FYI, this is not to say that our current economy is built upon “guesswork” but instead, is built upon our qualified “right”… to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, the unfortunate reality is such that this “right” since having never been qualified, has never been put to specific definition.

Therefore, it has been ‘termed’ toward legal definition allowing all rights to trend. 

While these terms should have no clear definition in order to allow for all positive ways of survival according to health and happiness, specifics should have been laid to work, to the extent that our country should provide clear paths for growth, prosperity, health, and wealth, according to any eligible purpose for a life, with absolute guidance. A system of orderly possibility for livelihood. And also, for security and protection from harm as being natural facts, not ‘rights’. This being the only way to ensure our prescribed ‘inalienable’ rights, accordingly.
So, that said, a new economy built upon this continuum of gathering estimation v. estimated guess, does not negate guesswork, but instead, puts it to work and to good use through fact-based understanding.

The strategy, defined:

To estimate is a calculated, visual quantification, rendered through experience.  Once applied and verified (via rote math), we then acquire ‘remainder’ feedback (feedback by extra, or assumed, meaning garnered).

This being an equivalency to borrowed, as in an understanding of addition/subtraction equations, such as when borrowing from, or adding to, a higher place value. The ‘extra’ in question, is in direct equivalence when added, or amassed proportionately and abundantly, by alternative algorithm when reintroduced, as from a negative position of being unaware of actual quantity within mass, the “verified amount.”

So, to Gather Estimation is to capture qualified extra proportion (proportion, being a KEY term, not portion, but IS PROPORTIONATE TO, and proportionate in greater abundance when calculating in arrears (see: pro v. con). 

So, to then ‘set aside’ these leftover amounts, pro &/or con, for purposes of bundling, and, to then put to good use. 

This does work in both positive and negative (pro&con) verified estimation amounts, to benefit of both.

This would appropriate an acquisition through “torrent” or “deluge” as in a flood of ‘valid concern or interest’ which, in this case, is currency (money). 

This relevance according to idea is the only reason we are able to estimate through visual acuity! (Glass half-full, you tend to round up, the alternative which is to see a glass with an amount of liquid, not empty, just not identified).

So, this being a philosophy for an economy; ie, a new economic guide used to capture, retain, and restore value within the American economic system. This which is in greatest opposition to trending supply and demand, which is an economic burden and an environmental backlash since it is always based upon excess to the point of burden, at some point.

This idea could, should, and if allowed to exist and is managed, WILL serve to regulate certain areas and/or sectors of the US economy, as a measure of activity toward industries according to presumption/adherence, and as opposed to trend (since trending, as an economic ‘current,’ is an uncontrollable and unmanaged value) … so,

The point is that all positive AND negative growth, is excess upon retention, and so can, AND SHOULD, be eligible rally for the economy. 

This idea has its foundation in the ability to estimate a given quantity of items (amounts) in a specified multi-dimensional space through ‘guesstimation’ which is a learned skill through experience. 

To take the process further is to then actualize verified amounts.

Once determined and revealed, a verified amount is either less than or more than one’s perception (the estimated amount), which allows the actualized quantity to “grow” once verified. If the verified amount is less than one’s perception, there is in fact more.

If one’s perception was less, one can perceive the difference into being through acquired transition from other verifiable and then verified, equivalent spaces.

This is fact-based knowledge, that there is always enough (or loaves and fishes Sunday) …

This given space, as denoted by example above, was only one verified space, so isn’t actualized through GE since it is only one individual concern.

However, once all similar spaces have been qualified, and made equivalent through verifiable and verified example (equivalency = proportion), one will have Gathered Estimation.

The product of Gathered Estimation is also a useful budgeting tool within any singular industry. 

Some may liken it to the quick fix entities may employ, to the “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” effort, which only serves to escalate a situation sooner rather than later, since it does not consider equivalency. 

Neither a borrower nor a lender be

This activity merely remedies to a slow-drip, a full-blown drain on a budget weakness, since it is a one-time, one to one, and one-way exchange of value toward a singular particular or pathway and doesn’t address actualized relief. 

Gathered estimation allows for growth, prosperity, philanthropy, etc., all according to verifiable fact. The relationship according to opposition along this continuum of GE to EG is the process of verification and a tactile understanding of equivalency.

Gathering Estimation should be used to prohibit inflation. It can, and hopefully will, be used as ‘waste-save’ or, to re-use a very useful economic term, “reduce, reuse, recycle” toward the established foundation of an alter-economic ego.

Not a paradigm shift, but a NEW paradigm.  This being as an economy of customized standards of quality, preservation and prosperity. 

A tall drink of water for our dry economic terrain.

The Gathering Estimation Constant and the Theory of “The Glass Half-Full, a trend-less economy.”


Proof positive

… a plus sign.

My epiphany… positive growth.

Identification of an objective allows for a cascade of activity and energetic enthusiasm. One will naturally formulate paths to reach creative milestones and achieve greater success with an objective in sight and in mind. 

Objectives are not necessarily driven by detail and should be constructed to allow for the inevitable re-write. This does not negate the underlying theme of your intent, but allows for growth and recognition of modification of standards which should assist in a broader spectrum of experience as growth occurs and goals are achieved.

Identification of an objective, relevance of your actions, listening and learning from your experience, should make goal attempts more viable. 

Relevance adds dimension, and strengthens position within the framework of your path. In order to understand relevance as it is offered, try alternative. You understand a concept once alternative is lucid. 

A flash of recognition creates memory.

What does your body know, that your mind hasn’t expressed?

The space between an instant flash of recognition that exists in opposition of a thought validates a concept and delivers breadth of knowledge and experience, whether your experience is IRL, or just mere thought (thought not understood as having foundation).

This glimmer of an observation, a sudden coherence of pro v. con, is Proof Positive of emphatic realization.  This would play out in physical rendering, as when, through physical exertion, a muscle remembers a prior movement once it exerts in a certain way. It absolutely knows that movement is then achievable, and growth occurs via strength from the knowledge of that one movement. That muscle has Proof of that particular movement.

This Positivity of growth relates to knowledge beyond confirmation of validity, if you have understanding of opposition. An opposing position, creates awareness of extent, to the positive particular or ‘fact’ of a thing. 

So, in order to validate a path for growth toward a life’s objective, create a wealth of understanding through positive growth.

Proof Positive … revel in achievement created through awareness of opposition allowing for alternative. 

The proof is in the difference.

To educate your experience, IABC offers intellectual stimulation

Why attend?

IABC offers opportunities to educate your experience. Through rich social collaborative efforts, IABC invites exceptional confidence as limitless critical advantage.

Represented by a wealth of compatible insight from a global abstract of omniscient corporate sponsorship, IABC International offers development opportunities, conferences for connecting beyond regional exception, and global interpretation of any of your interests through internet visibility. Chapter efforts have boundless potential through daily, weekly, monthly meetings and workshops designed to excite and enliven career tracks.

One such session entitled, “Lessons in Letting Go: The New Role of Internal Communications,” I attended on January 31st in DTC, that’s the Denver Tech Center, at the ReMax headquarters. This 3-hour workshop was full to overflowing with corporate advantage…

We started the day with an introduction to an idea. This being, though internal communications (IC) is defined as just about anything a corporation or structure requires, it is defined by purpose and not industry, therefore we should keep a watchful eye on policy. That said, the introduction concluded with the firm commitment to the idea that internal communications is to provide permanence to the concept it inhabits, and that we as communicators are indebted to the corporate interpretation.

The gist of the workshop was in preparation… be prepared for the inevitable shift in leadership philosophies. Our understanding should be to “not inherit, but participate in the facilitation of a message,” says presenter Jim Knutsen of Cast Communication Design, adding, “patience is key in helping leaders think differently.”

Communication is what decides the health of any body of potential, and as a community of communicators, we have the ability and the responsibility to communicate the needs of our professions not only with our involved participation, but through involved cooperation. The second half of the workshop provided insight into future adaptations and principles of divergent corporate messages which will affect change across our professional vocation, and as competent ambassadors of the corporate message and purveyors of responsible ideals, we have vast accountability to all members of any initiative. The meat of this workshop was almost indigestible…

"Our objectives should demonstrate small steps toward new behaviors and new actions toward progress," says co-presenter, Laura Wegscheid.

The substantive message which permeated attitudes in the room through positive, articulate and consistent response to the presentation, was that we can empower our position within any organization to make our professional value fundamental.

We create necessary involvement from every facet of awareness within an organization should we encourage and entice guidance through simple and relevant consideration of executive, mid-level corporate administration, and consolidated bit player engagement, all observed, present and participatory. Leave the door open for recognition was what was heard in every soundbite.

Our directive for the day was to involve the audience. We suggest active collaborative efforts through a structure of orderly implication of content. Give them what they need to speak volumes through simple interactive tools for engagement. These are easily managed through curation.

Using building blocks as tools for success, and with the attention to detail required to keep managed actions on task, these building blocks, which follow, require alignment to be quintessential:

  • Aggregation: sharing organized information around a niche topic
  • Commentary: strategize a position or identify a theme for community acknowledgement
  • Community: create areas for the audience to aggregate and explore

The building blocks are an allegory for participation and require an investment of orderly and timely construction. They are simple steps we can all efficiently incorporate, and with our guided expertise, will have the power to prescribe authority for moderate and adaptable change toward efforts of instilling corporate enthusiasm for any project.

The day was an inspiration to ability. We can communicate, and we can be what they don’t yet realize they will need.

In short, to stay ahead, you need to Be Heard!

Subject to change

Funny and interesting how a simple Twitter trend can release the flood of memory waves. I recall the #iremember trend where links to past favorite feelings developed into a revival of marketing “messages” nearly and dearly missed.

I remember marketing:

… Cherry Sucrets, in their delightful hinged tin. Was this a green marketing philosophy? Must have been 30 in a box, 3 down, 5 across, two layers deep. Never required to use the entire lot for one sore throat, but I don’t recall throwing away even one box over the course of many years of occasional minor throat irritation. No, I was always forced to buy a new one somehow. Somewhere there is a place where old Sucret tins gather, I’m sure of it. They never die, they just lie dormant in a sea of marketing bliss and youthful melancholia.

… #iremember Hi-Q
a game of intense scrutiny, with such requisite focus as required to mindfully deliver every move knowing for certain the outcome is your best case scenario. I’d never heard of it until that fateful road-trip when every red light, every tail-light on every vehicle became a game of chance. Can I jump those red pegs, and certainly force the desired consequence? Will that last peg end up in that center slot?  I was the master and commander of the game… a personal fete unmatched.

… and now, we find loyalty marketing. Did it exist in memory? We have the extra value of a cereal box toy. Were you a Quisp or a Quake kid? I personally loved Quake. He was the Big Palooka of the cereal kingdom. The underdog of advertisement. He was my hero. I’d eat of the Quake box of vitamin-enriched breakfast in a bowl, foregoing anything Quisp had to offer. Quisp being alien, and far too deceitful for his own good. I’m sure the tantalizing toy at the bottom of the box wasn’t worth the effort.

So, #iremember … #iwillalwaysremember …. and, these market trends, as always, are subject to change.